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The Genius' Guide To Feeding Your Fundraiser With Food Suppliers

It's just as delicious as it sounds. Fundraisers are an excellent time to hire food suppliers. I would know, since I've been raising funds for not only my children, but my grandchildren. My name is Shane Miller and I have had many long and successful school fundraisers where I would break records year after year. My secret: food. Finding a way to introduce gourmet food into your school fundraiser from a food supplier can really boost the turnout. But you have to know what food to order, how to keep the food fresh and many other tricks that I will share with you on my website!




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The Genius' Guide To Feeding Your Fundraiser With Food Suppliers

4 Different Ways To Used Canned Tuna

by Dolores Fletcher

Canned tuna is an often-overlooked ingredient. Canned tuna can be a great addition to many recipes and can be a great ingredient to build an entire recipe around as well. If you are spending more time at home right now, and you have some canned tuna to use, you are going to want to consider some of the ideas below.

Way #1: Tuna & Tomato Pasta Bake

The next time you get ready to make a pasta bake, consider adding some tuna. With a pasta bake, you will want to make some tomatoes and simmer them with some spices. At the same time, you are going to want to cook some pasta, preferably with big noodles.

Then, you are going to want to mix together the tomato sauce with some ricotta and basil as well as with canned tuna. Then, mix the pasta in with the sauce, and pop everything into the oven with the broiler on. Add some cheese on top for an even more delicious dish. You will get a delicious pasta dish with a side of extra nutrition from the canned tuna.

Way #2: Tuna Patties

You can also take a few cans of tuna and use them to make some tuna patties. To make tuna patties, you are going to want to add some flavor to the tuna. Mix in flavor adding elements, such as hot sauce, salt, pepper, chives, and mustard.

For a little zing, add some lemon juice. You will also need to add bread as well as an egg to hold the mixture together. You can sauté the tuna patties on the skillet, and eat the patties by themselves, or make them into burgers.

Way #3: Tuna Crostini

You can take bread, slice it up, and toast the broad with your boiler. This will get the bread nice and crisp so you can make "crostini", little toasted sandwiches.

You can create all kinds of fun toppings on the bread, including tuna. You can also get creative and make things such as tuna with olives or tuna with pickles. This bite-sized treat can easily fill you up if you eat enough of them.

Way #4: Tuna Mac & Cheese

Make your mac and cheese like you normally do but add in a can or two of tuna. If you are making boxed mac and cheese, add the can of tuna after the pasta is done boiling, while you are adding the butter, milk, and cheese mix.

If you are making homemade mac and cheese, add in the tuna before you bake the mac and cheese.

If you are not sure how to use all the canned tuna you bought, try one of the four ideas above. Keep in mind that tuna blends in easily to many pasta dishes, salads, and even sandwich options. If you are creative, you can make many fantastic tuna recipes.