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The Genius' Guide To Feeding Your Fundraiser With Food Suppliers

It's just as delicious as it sounds. Fundraisers are an excellent time to hire food suppliers. I would know, since I've been raising funds for not only my children, but my grandchildren. My name is Shane Miller and I have had many long and successful school fundraisers where I would break records year after year. My secret: food. Finding a way to introduce gourmet food into your school fundraiser from a food supplier can really boost the turnout. But you have to know what food to order, how to keep the food fresh and many other tricks that I will share with you on my website!



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The Genius' Guide To Feeding Your Fundraiser With Food Suppliers


What Can Lactic Acid Be Used For

Lactic acid is something that your body naturally produces. It is created by your muscles and red blood cells when certain conditions are met. Those conditions include when you are working your muscles and when your body is low on oxygen. Lactic acid production is a side effect of your body burning carbohydrates for energy. Lactic acid, sometimes called milk acid, isn't just produced in your body. It can also be created for commercial and industrial purposes.

Why You Should Buy Food for Your Restaurant from Wholesalers

Running a restaurant means choosing and buying the food you will serve in your restaurant. Once you know what type of cuisine you want to serve, you have to determine which dishes you will sell. For example, you may decide that you want to have a Mexican restaurant and that you want to sell empanadas, among other things. Once you know your menu options, there are still more decisions to make, including whether you should buy any food items premade and from where you will buy your food and ingredients.

Creative Recipe Ideas Using a Gluten-Free Sourdough Kit

If you have a gluten intolerance, you don't have to miss out on eating delicious foods made with fresh sourdough. Although it may be difficult to find these items premade at a store, you can purchase a gluten-free sourdough starter kit and make the dough yourself. Slightly more acidic tasting than typical bread, sourdough is known for making flavorful bagels and rolls. To make the dough yourself, you'll need to begin with a starter kit, which consists of a fermented culture of fresh flour.

Delicious Ways To Use Honey-Roasted Pecans

A native of the southern United States and Northern Mexico, pecans are tree nuts. Known for their rich flavor, pecans contain a variety of nutrients, including plenty of protein, iron, and B vitamins. Not only are pecans good for you, but they also make delicious additions to both sweet and savory dishes. Roasted pecans are also hearty snacks on their own. If you love nuts and have a sweet tooth, consider purchasing honey roasted pecans, which will also satisfy a craving for salt.